Atlanta, Georgia


Jessica Smagacz

Georgia Tractor Trailer Struck Disabled Car & one Man Tragically Dead

Early Saturday, a tractor trailer was driving on I-285 in Georgia. The tractor trailer struck a disabled car, killing a Riverdale man, according to Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC).
The driver…

Jessica Smagacz

Truck Flips on I-85 in Georgia

Gainesville Times reported that this past Thursday a tractor trailer carrying four vehicles flipped over in Georgia.
It occurred on Interstate 85 near Chateau Elan about 10:45 a.m. and blocked the…

Jessica Smagacz

Fiery Georgia Crash in Construction Zone

The Times-Herald reported that this past Tuesday, a crash occurred on Interstate 85 when a tractor-trailer’s wheels dropped off the side of the pavement in the right lane and the driver…

Jessica Smagacz

Two Georgia Truck Wrecks in Same Spot in Same Week

The Times-Herald reported that a tractor-trailer rig crashed and burned on Interstate 85 southbound in north Coweta, Georgia this past Thursday night. This truck crashed in the same exact spot a…

M. Brandon Smith

Dangerous Truckers And The Lack Of Adequate Regulation

Terrifying information has recently been released by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which is the federal agency charged with regulating the trucking industry. All United States…

M. Brandon Smith

Tractor Trailer Driver Kills Pedestrian In Hit And Run Incident

Police in Dublin, Georgia are still on alert to find the driver of a tractor trailer who ran over a pedestrian on April 7, 2008. Local authorities said the local man was in the crosswalk on Georgia…