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M. Brandon Smith

Tips On Preventing Hospital Bed Entrapment

Each year there are number of people who become entrapped in hospital beds and suffer serious injuries as a result. Entrapments can occur when a patient’s body becomes lodged between the bed rails, the mattress or various other parts of a hospital bed. Injuries suffered in this manner can lead to broken bones, strangulation, and even death.According to the FDA:Elderly patients in hospitals and…

Richard R. Schlueter

Atlanta Premises Liability Lawsuit Ends in $9M Verdict

Lawyers for a victim of Sexual assault received a verdict before Judge Al Thompson in the amount of 9 million Dollars. The action was premised upon a claim of premises liability by a victim of sexual assault. This action as well as others exemplify that apartment complexes and management companies that run them have a duty to protect the safety of their residents. Too often prior incidents…

Staff Writer

Avoiding Premises Liability Lawsuits

Sure, it’s not often we are faced with ice and snow here in Atlanta, but since that is the case, we are not accustomed to the necessary precautions needed to be taken when we are hit with that unexpected snow or freezing rain. Michigan attorney Terry Cochran provides a press release with some valuable advice for home and business owners and how to protect themselves after winter…