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M. Brandon Smith

Nursing Home Neglect And Abuse In Georgia

Do you have a family member or a loved one in a nursing home or assisted living facility? Do you know for sure they are being treated properly and taken care of as initially promised by the home? If not you need to find out especially given the recent nursing home investigation and report conducted by CBS46 News. The investigation gives a detailed look in to the horrors that are often never…

M. Brandon Smith

Mentally Ill Deemed Victims Of Neglect In Georgia According To One Investigation

Are those who are deemed mentally ill or in need of psychiatric care seen as inferior or less important by society standards? If you live in the State of Georgia and base your opinion on the actions of those in charge of caring for these individuals, you just might be inclined to believe some do feel this way. In a recent investigation by Alan Judd of the Atlanta Journal Constitution, it has…

M. Brandon Smith

Abusing A Nursing Home Resident Is Never Okay

In a recent occurrence, a Greenwood caregiver at Emerald Gardens in South Carolina has been charged with physically abusing nursing home residents under her care. Lizette Henderson now faces six felony charges of abuse involving three men and three women between the ages of 69 and 94. Cases like this can make just about anyone sick to their stomach. How can anyone in their right mind see fit to…

M. Brandon Smith

Bad Nursing Homes Are Everywhere According To Consumer Reports

According to a recent report issued by Consumer Reports, a consumer tip group, nursing homes around the U.S. are still giving inadequate care for our loved ones and seniors. According to the report, not-for-profit homes generally provide better care than those operated for profit, although most, regardless of whether for profit or non-profit, fell well below the group’s standards for a quality…