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Darren Tobin

FDA Knew Problems Existed With Triad Products

A key role that the FDA performs is gate-keeping defective, or worse, dangerous products from being dispensed to the general public. As part of this duty, the FDA will conduct inspections under the…

M. Brandon Smith

Salmonella Egg Recall Expanded To 380 Million

Cookie dough lovers, take note: the Wright County Egg Company of Galt, Iowa, has issued a recall of approximately 380 million eggs following several outbreaks of salmonella across the United States…

M. Brandon Smith

Local Hero Saves Child From Dog Attack

Although dogs may be “man’s best friend” there still exists a very real danger from dog bites. Most dog bites are minor, but some dog attacks can be severe and in some cases…

M. Brandon Smith

Salmonella Found In Salami

One of America’s favorite linked meats is now linked to a potentially harmful bacteria. Recently a meat company in Rhode Island has recalled 1.2 million pounds of pepper coated salami after…

Jessica Smagacz

Government Creating Legal Immunity for Swine Flu Vaccine Makers

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, federal officials and vaccine makers are going to be immune from lawsuits that result from any new swine flu vaccines. This comes from a document…

Jessica Smagacz

Tragic Car Crash Takes life of one Georgia Man

Independentmail reported recently that a man died yesterday as a result of a tragic car accident.
This car accident took the life of Terry A. Ramey, 42 of Clayton, Georgia.
Karl E. Addis, the…

Jessica Smagacz

Georgia To Begin Operation Zero Tolerance Campaign

Georgia law enforcement agencies will kick off their annual Fourth of July crackdown on drunk driving tonight, according to Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
The crackdown on drunk driving is part of…

Jessica Smagacz

Hotel TV Falls on One Year Old

Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that this past Friday, a television set fell on top of a one year old girl at a Cherokee County motel in Georgia.
The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office…

Jessica Smagacz

FDA Tobacco Regulation Approved by Senate

In March, I posted a blog about FDA and the possibility that they may be given the power to oversee the tobacco industry.
NewsInferno just reported that the Senate Panel approved this. After the…

Jessica Smagacz

Wide Receiver Stallworth from Cleveland Browns Hits & Kills a Pedestrian

Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC) reported that wide receiver Donte Stallworth, 28 years old, from the Cleveland Browns hit and killed a pedestrian with his Bentley earlier this Saturday morning….