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M. Brandon Smith

Invokana and Farxiga Increase Warnings Over Acute Kidney Failure

The FDA just released more information on Invokana and Farxiga related to acute kidney failure. A topic and drug Childers, Schlueter & Smith have been investigating for a long time now.   Check out our: Top 10 Things Invokana Patients […]

Andy Childers

Morcellator Cancer Lawsuits Will Now Be Fast Tracked For Litigation, MDL 2652

The Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation consolidated 15 federally filed morcellator cases on Thursday for pre-trial discovery and trial work up. The request for the Morcellator MDL was made by Plaintiffs in an effort to streamline the litigation and fast track […]

M. Brandon Smith

Study Questions Potential Healthcare Savings Gained by Tort Reform

Although many proponents of tort reform believe that fear of malpractice lawsuits prompts physicians to order unnecessary tests and indirectly drives up medical costs, a Rand Corporation study recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine found otherwise. The […]

M. Brandon Smith

AARP Warns Patients How To Help Prevent Medical Errors and Medical Malpractice In Hospitals

The number of patients that die each year due to preventable hospital errors is equal to four full jumbo jets crashing each week. While hospitals are capable of great medical feats, they are also…

M. Brandon Smith

Screening Panels Are Not The Answer For Medical Malpractice Reform In Georgia

In a guest column in the Atlanta Journal Constitution on January 8, 2010, a medical services company’s CEO provides what many may assume is a novel and “middle ground” solution…

M. Brandon Smith

Medical Board Puts Physicans Over Patients

In Florida, the state medical licensing board has decided against stricter discipline for surgeons who operate on the wrong body part or the wrong patient. Wait, did you read that right? Yes unfortunately you did. Does that seem right? Without question, this writer can hardly imagine how. A through review of a medical chart or a through patient evaluation should eliminate this type of mistakes…

M. Brandon Smith

Unnecessary Hysterectomy Costs Woman Opportunity Of Larger Family

A Seattle jury awarded $1.75 million to a woman after Dr. Jeffrey Gabel, an osteopathic physician, performed a hysterectomy on her without informed consent in 2003. The jury found that Dr. Gable failed to suggest alternative, less invasive, treatments to the 22 year old before she signed a consent form allowing the operation. A hysterectomy involves the removal of the uterus and is most often…

M. Brandon Smith

Doctor Says To Patient: "Sue Me"

What is a 61-year-old woman’s right parotid gland worth? That is the question in a medical malpractice case before a Fulton County jury after a doctor and his hospital conducted 13 different radiation treatments on the wrong side of Dariel Hurt’s face. The parotid gland, which helps produce silva, is located on the side of the face just below the ear and was permanently damaged as a result of…

M. Brandon Smith

LASIK Medical Malpractice Suit Results In $3 Million Verdict

Lowell Larson filed suit against Dr. Jeffery R. Weis and Northern Reflective Surgery Center of Hermantown after alleging they failed to warn him of the risks associated with LASIK surgery and caused “significant and permanent disturbances to his vision”. The eight person jury selected in the case agreed and awarded Larson $3,002,950. According to DuluthNewsTribune.comThe 10th and final question…