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M. Brandon Smith

Bard G2 IVC Filter Complaint Filed in Georgia

A new complaint filed by Mr. and Mrs. Duffie of Georgia joins more than two dozen Bard G2 IVC filter lawsuits that have been centralized for pretrial proceedings before Arizona U.S. District Judge David G. Campbell. Atlanta injury law firm […]

Andy Childers

Canadian Government Orders Xarelto Investigation

The number of lawsuits claiming injuries associated with Xarelto continues to grow in the U.S., and regulators in Canada recently announced a safety review into reports of liver injuries connected with Xarelto use. The August 26 Health Canada safety review […]

M. Brandon Smith

FDA Strengthens Warning on Invokana Labeling

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently revised its May 2015 warning to now include an increased risk of bone fractures and decreased bone mineral density. Bone mineral density relates to the strength of a person’s bones. The original […]

M. Brandon Smith

New Study Highlights Perforation Risk of Cook Celect IVC Filters

Researchers from the University of Colorado and Northwestern University recently compared the retrievability factor of the Cook Celect IVC filter to the Reed Option filter and found that although retrieval figures between the two were similar, the perforation rate for […]

M. Brandon Smith

IVC Filters Found to Cause Deadly Complications

The IVC (inferior vena cava) filter is a spider-like medical device used to filter blood clots and prevent them from reaching a patient’s lungs and causing a pulmonary embolism, which could mean permanent lung damage or even death. Despite the […]

M. Brandon Smith

Bill to Improve Safety Monitoring of Medical Devices Passes House

A comprehensive medical research bill that passed the U.S. House of Representatives on July 10th includes a provision designed to improve the safety monitoring of medical devices. The amendment, proposed by Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R., Pa.), was inspired by a […]

M. Brandon Smith

FDA Orders Stronger Warnings for Motrin, Advil, and Aleve

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like Motrin, Advil, and Aleve can increase the chance of heart attack or stroke as early of the first few weeks of use, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. As a result, the FDA […]

M. Brandon Smith

Top 10 Things Invokana Patients Need To Know

Based on the recent updates and a study concerning Invokana* for type II diabetes, there seem to be a lot of questions being asked about its use and whether it is the best option for a particular patient. Although these […]

M. Brandon Smith

Invokana Lawsuits for Renal Failure And Ketoacidosis Being Explored

Potential lawsuits are currently being considered regarding individuals who have experienced kidney or renal failure as the result of taking Invokana*, a new generation diabetes drug that has been linked to renal damage and other kidney problems. What is Invokana? […]

M. Brandon Smith

JAMA Study Says Banned Supplements Back on Shelves, Despite FDA Recalls

A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) suggests that although more than two dozen dietary supplements were recalled by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), approximately two-thirds were back on the market a year […]