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M. Brandon Smith

Good News: Deadly Car Wrecks Down Slightly In 2011 Based On New Estimates

Data released this month by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) brings some good news about the safety of our highways. Estimates of traffic fatalities for the first…

M. Brandon Smith

Drunk Driving And The Accidents It Causes

Drunk driving will impact one in in three of us. – MADD

Plain and simple, alcohol affects coordination and lessens a person’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. On average someone is…

Darren Tobin

Seat Belts Save Bodies

On Monday, February 20, 2012, an eight year old girl was tragically killed in a vehicle crash in Hall County.

According to WSBTV, Channel Two News, Aylin Rodriguez was a passenger in the…

Darren Tobin

Seat Belt Safety – Buckle Up

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published a pamphlet in March 2010 on the top five things you should know about buckling up while in a vehicle. Research shows that seat belts…

Darren Tobin

Habersham County Car Crash Yields Tragic Results

On October 18th, a Tuesday night, a deadly crash occurred on Toccoa Highway in Habersham County.

George State Patrol said that a Dodge pickup truck was traveling on the highway at approximately…

Darren Tobin

Mother’s Erratic Driving Causes Own Son’s Death

A motor vehicle crash in South Fulton this past Saturday, November 5, 2011 left one teenager dead and 5 children injured. The vehicle crash occurred around 12:30 p.m. near the intersection of Flat…

M. Brandon Smith

DUI Accident

Robert Champine, 59, the driver of the vehicle responsible for killing a Walton County Sheriff’s Office deputy in a motorcycle accident over the weekend, has been arrested and is facing…

Darren Tobin

Hit and Run Driver Injures High School Student

Mundy Mill High School junior Maurice Freeman was walking to school this past Tuesday, October 11 when a vehicle struck him from behind. Freeman, a 17 year old high schooler who plans on…

Darren Tobin

Hit and Run Drivers Penalized; Good Samaritans Protected

61 year old maintenance supervisor for Georgia Pacific, William Kear, tragically died after assisting another motorist in distress. Early Saturday morning on October 8th, Kear was driving to work on…

M. Brandon Smith

Richmond County DUI Accident

A drunk driving rollover crash on Sunday night has caused serious injuries to a four-year-old child and the driver of the vehicle, both of whom remain in critical condition. Another young…