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Two Georgia Car Accidents Result in 3 Deaths

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Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that two separate car accidents occurred on I-285 in Georgia this weekend.

The first car accident was on I-285 Northbound I-20 at 11:50 p.m. yesterday. A white SUV lost control and rear-ended another car. It ended up being lodged between two trees. According to Capt. Eric Jackson of DeKalb County Fire Department, the driver of the SUV died at the scene. The driver from the other car was taken to a hospital and suffered non-life threatening injuries.

None of these names have been released.

About four hours later, the second car accident occurred on I-285 Southbound on the ramp to I-20 East. DeKalb County Police Spokeswoman Mekka Parish said that two people died and two were injured in this car accident.

“Police believe the driver of a gold Acura was speeding on I-285 and lost control when exiting to I-20, hitting a concrete barrier before traveling down the embankment.” The male driver and female front-seat passenger died. The two back-seat passengers were taken to a hospital with injuries. Their names have also not been released.