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Tips And Advice For Safer Driving

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I recently came across an atricle that discusses some great tips to promote safer drivers on our State’s roadways and highways. The article featured in AutoTrader.com and authored by Janet Braunstein, lists 9 things every driver should do, not do and/or things everyone should be aware of. Tips and advice like this can be invaluable in minimazing the number of auto accidents casued and/or reducing the dire consequeces of them if and when they do happen. There are obviously many other things that can and should be also taken into account as well, but these nine tips will at the very least help make the roads a little safer for all who use them.

1) Always wear seat belts.
2) The driver should keep her attention on the road
3) Don’t talk on a cell phone while driving
4) Avoid situations that can lead to road rage.

The remiang tips, including further explinations of those above, can be found in Braunstein’s article at autotrader.com