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Pedestrian Struck By Car In Parking Lot Expected To Recover

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If you have ever seen some who has been a victim of a pedestrian accident you know how deadly the consequences can be when someone gets struck by a motor vehicle. Belva Johnson, 92, knows first hand know after she was struck by a vehicle in a grocery store parking lot. Johnson, who was walking behind a parked vehicle in the parking lot, was struck as the car backed out of it spot leaving her with a broken leg and knee. Johnson was rushed to the local hospital via EMS after the incident and is expected to recover over time from her injuries.

According to WTKR.com:

Garcia says witnesses told her that the female driver didn’t appear to realize she hit Johnston and continued to back up until another witness ran over screaming and banged on the hood of the car.
“Thank God that lady was there to stop that driver because otherwise she would have completely ran all the way over my grandmother and she wouldn’t been here with us today,” said Garcia. When the car hit her, it hit her leg and it flew her leg, her foot was above her head when I got here, it was still like that, so she had been like for hours.”