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Georgia Woman Dies after Injuries From Car Accident, following the Death of Her Son

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A car accident occurred at 12:54 p.m. this past Tuesday between the Ga. 96 exit and Russell Parkway exit after one of the van’s tires blew out, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Michael Prather tried to pull over when he lost control of the van which overturned. His son, Matthew Prather, 15 years old, was a passenger along his wife, Jeanette and other son, Stephen Prather, 18 years old. All four family members were wearing seatbelts.

Matthew died from the car accident. Jeanette, Michael, and Stephen were treated at the Medical Center soon after the accident occurred.

Unfortunately, Jeanette’s condition worsened several days later and she was taken off life support, dying as a result of the injuries from this car accident.

Our thoughts are with the family in this time of tragedy.