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Georgia Teen Killed in Car Accident

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The Walton Tribune reported that a senior from Monroe Area High School was killed last week when his car ran off the road, striking a utility pole.

His name was Thomas Rawlings, only 18 years old, from Old Tanners Bridge Road, Monroe. Thomas was driving home from work on Carl David Road. “According to reports, Rawlings lost control of his vehicle and ran off the road, eventually striking a utility pole.”

He was not wearing a seat belt and therefore was ejected from his car. When emergency medical personnel and law enforcement arrived after the car accident, he was unfortunately pronounced dead at the scene.

WCSO Chief Deputy Bruce Wright said, “This is certainly a tragedy. He was a senior at Monroe Area High. If anything is learned from this, it should be that it is important for everyone to wear their seat belt.”

This has been the second fatality of 2009 on Walton County’s roadways.

This is certainly a tragedy and our thoughts are with Thomas Rawlings’ family and friends.