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Georgia DOT Will Not Take Any Immediate Actions After Fatal Bus Accident

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Despite a federal investigation launched by the National Transportation Safety Board, Georgia’s Department of Transportation said they have no immediate plans to close, change or alter in any way the Northside exit ramp where six people lost their lives in a fatal Atlanta bus accident that was carrying a college baseball team from Bluffton University in Ohio. The Georgia DOT has said they plan to await the findings of the NTSB before taking any further action in regards to the accident site despite over 80 plus other accidents that have already occurred there in recent years.

The National Transportation Safety Board said the uncommon left-hand exit ramp off Interstate 75 has no visible signs telling drivers to slow down as they approach a dead-end, T-intersection on the overpass.

It has been said the NTSB’s report could take weeks if not months to finalize. Hopefully there will not be any other accidents or tragic events at this ramp exit prior to that time. I would hate to see one subsequent to this tragic bus accident when it may have been prevented through prompt and necessary action as is apparently needed here.