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Advice On Single Vehicle Accidents Everyone Should Know And Heed

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Fellow InjuryBoard member Ward Merdes, our Fairbanks Alaska partner, recently discussed an important and all too often over looked situation which deals with single vehicle accidents. As Ward correctly points out, your insurance carrier is not likely to inform you that the other passengers in a vehicle (even family members) may have a claim against the driver of the vehicle if he did something considered negligent in causing the accident. In situations where substantial injuries occur it is imperative that the appropriate steps be taking to ensure the best interests of those adversely affected, usually small children, through no fault of their own are protected. If the coverage is afforded, it makes no sense not to take advantage of the coverage in order to deal with the onerous burdens that the medical bills, time off from work, and future disabilities will undoubtedly bring. Thanks Ward for bringing this important topic to our attention. It is great advice.

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