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$2.8 Million Awarded After DUI Driver Leaving Strip Club Kills Teenager

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A Mobile, Alabama strip bar known as Sammy’s Club was recent found liable for serving an already visibly drunk patron who subsequently drove home and killed a 16 year-old teenager. The jury awarded $2.8 million to family of the teenager-most of which is expected to be paid by the bar. The driver received a 20 year prison sentence following his manslaughter conviction prior to this verdict.

This verdict should go a long way in making bar owners more conscious of their actions and also realize they have a duty not to serve already impaired patrons. This verdict also shows what could happen should they choose to ignore that duty.

When accidents are caused by impaired drivers it usually leads to very large settlements and verdicts. The reason for this is that most jurors seek to punish the liable parties in the form of punitive damages for their wanton and willful acts. As such, If you or a loved one have been in an auto accident caused by an impaired driver contact one of our personal injury attorneys immediately to discuss how can help at no charge…